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annual birthday pic

I can't even pretend to be keeping up with LJ/DW anymore, but hi. I should do an update post. The short version: Life's stressful but good. I'm an intern with a digital media agency for the summer. One more year to go on my degree. A lot of my interests are shifting. 35 is harder than I thought it would be (birthdays that end in 5 tend to be hard for me for some reason. I like the ones that end in zero a lot more. I'm thankful for birthdays at all though). And so it goes.

Happy birthday to [ profile] badgerbag and [ profile] altaego
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Hi. My plans to return to regular DW, LJ (whatever) usage were kind of thwarted by grad school kicking my ass (in a good way). So I'm really busy and really tired, and I have an eye twitch approximately 83% of the time and stress acne. But I can also write simple Python programs and know a little SQL and understand and have participated in the iterative design process including helping design the interface for an iOS app. It's kind of awesome, and I am, no bullshit, happy. When was the last December I was able to say that?

I'm behind on just about everything (what else is new?), but I do plan to send out year-end mix-CDs. This one will be a two-for with last year's (which was done in *November* of last year except for the packaging but never got mailed). I'll put up info at some point, but probably not until the end of the month. And that's pretty much that.

How are you?
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I've finally made the switch to Dreamwidth, where you can find me as [personal profile] chr0me. I've also made all of my public LJ entries friends-only. I'll be cross-posting to LJ, but I'll probably switch to friends-only on LJ sooner than later, mostly because of the Facebook connect thing. If you have a Dreamwidth account, feel free to add me. Also, let me know if you want a Dreamwidth invite.


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